'standing on the edge of...[empire]...falling off'

at a time when cultural tourism has become 'an additional product of the tourist trade' (lluis bonet, cultural economics, 2003) art can be a significant contributor to the tourism environment. as tourists we gravitate towards museums and galleries for entertainment but also for edification. curators, artists and art-workers travel to and for exhibitions, occasionally making site specific works that can amount to little more than a touristic engagement with the cities or countries involved. 'standing on the edge of...[empire]...falling off' is a self-conscious attempt to chronicle an itinerary and an engagement with cities, galleries and an artist's residency in blog form and performances will be uploaded to the website within this period.


take a picture of yourself to prove that you exist

from one tourist to another

MOMENTO MORI: REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE (the photograph kills me / the artwork makes me immortal) and MOMENTO MORI: delayed affects—travelling two weeks after

by any other name

five words

holiday reading

beware of the gap before boarding

the nonevent entitled 'the people are revolting (bare life)'