victoria lawson has been researching in the area of art tourism since 2004. at the completion of her phd thesis in 2014 she felt that it was important to situate this research in the body and in space. 40865 focuses on the labour of the phd project; the number of words in the thesis; the concepts it drew upon and exhibition practice. it maintains the momentum post-thesis completion and highlights the work within the paper and the research undertaken. this number will be tattooed on the artist’s right foot in reference to the practice of walking in her post-conceptual performances. the work will be documented in the exhibition space with a proposal on a4 paper and 4, 8 x 10 digital photographs of the tattooing process and outcome. lawson will list a schedule of her whereabouts in brisbane over the period of the taking up space exhibition at articulate in sydney. this schedule will be posted on this page and on the taking up space blog.

the tattoo creates a textual slippage between academia and the cognitive space, what's been written and how it manifests physically. in this case it is the amount of words within the text. it is a physical action which will literally be written on her body and as such moves around like a mobile exhibition for the life of the tattoo. it is a souvenir that marks the work that has been done to deconstruct the power disparities of tourism. this deconstruction is also seen in the work of Pat Hoffie an influential Brisbane artist. taking up space asks each artist, exhibiting, to choose a separate female artist who informs her work. lawson has chosen hoffie. in blackbirding (2006) hoffie commissioned philippino souvenir makers to create a number of monkey-pod serving bowls (also using plaster, watercolour, oils) to be exhibited as an installation of approx 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres. the philippino artists were hired to create tourist works that would be shown grouped together as installations, under her own name, in an action that highlights the disparity in power between a western artist and an artist creating so-called souvenirs. while materially hoffie's and lawson’s practices differ, both are derived from concepts that critique the western gallery space and it's increasing investment in cultural tourism.



06.03.15 opening taking up space articulate sydney / always thai, bank road, graceville 6.30pm     

07.03.15 international airport, brisbane 6.45am, boundary st market, west end 11am, GoMA 1pm, woolly mammoth, fortitude valley 8pm          

08.03.15 currumbin lakes, burleigh heads, gold coast 12 - 3pm                

09.03.15 james st, fortitude valley                 

10.03.15 domestic airport, brisbane 7.30 am   

13.03.15 indooroopilly shopping town, 11 am, uq art museum, st lucia 6.30 pm             

14.03.15 ima, brisbane 12.00 - 4 pm

18.03.15 supermarket, corinda 11.00 am