'a non-event entitled "the people are revolting" (bare life)'.

Friday, 17 May 2013 at 10:30 at Magnetic Island, North Queensland.

this was an open call, but selective process, for artists interested in creating projects involving magnetic island (yunbunum, wulguru clan). these projects maintained a self-funded and limited budget and involved the active participation of the residents and tourists on the Island. this ongoing project has been developed over a period of two years. the project was referred to people the artists knew, in whatever way they liked. the artists did not apply unless they were interested in site specific practices and the concepts, percepts and affects of such a place. i contacted the Elders of the Wulgurukaba for their permission to converse with the island in this way. the artists have chosen to exhibit within a domestic space rented for the purpose. they include Vincent O'Connor, Franz Ehmann, David Haines, Rosita Holmes, Ann Kelly and Victoria Lawson.


Vincent O’Connor
Mound, 2013
photographic installation


Franz Ehmann
Words that changed the world and influenced the weather (Magnetic Island), 2013
intervention, newspaper, packing tape
performed across numerous locations on Magnetic Island.


David Haines
Unnamed Air accord—Molecular Composition Number 1-3
, 2013
aroma chemistry (composed by the artist), black stonehenge paper 300 gms
Courtesy of the Artist and Breenspace, Sydney.


Rosita Holmes
To dust, 2007
documentation image on poster of performance with icing sugar
I hour
Kirkbride building, Callan Park, Sydney


Ann Kelly
Untitled, 2013
oil on canvas


Victoria Lawson
Post-hypnotic, 2011–2013
installation: acrylic on belgian linen, paper and commissioned surfboard