born home hill, north queensland, lives and works in brisbane.

victoria lawson’s visual practice investigates the possibilities for an artist’s embodied actions to intervene within the amorphous, technological field of tourism. Her artwork draws upon the expanse of tourism’s history and contemporary theories of its globalised politics to perform a deconstruction of the power of this contemporary field. Her practice has enquired into interventionist strategies of artistic practice to create embodied moments of dissent against the neocolonial efforts of the tourist industry.

lawson has curated and participated in numerous solo, collaborative and group exhibitions locally and overseas. in 2014 she graduated with a phd. visual arts in sculpture, performance and installation at sydney college of the arts, university of sydney, where she was also awarded a university postgraduate award (2008–2010). recently she has performed a number of embodied interventions including, beware of the gap before boarding (2011–2014) and has curated and exhibited in exhibitions such as: post-tourist, kings ari, melbourne and taking up space, articulate, sydney (2015). in july, 2014 she gave a tour of selected works in certains abstract things, griffith university art gallery; in may, 2015 lawson hosted the institute of modern art's reading group and in july, 2015 participated in raqs media collective's the time symposium as a part of 'imaginary accord' at the institute of modern art. her exhbition history includes: the nonevent entitled: the people are revolting (bare life), magnetic island (2013), performing the digital, inflight gallery, 2010; during 2008, THISISCURATING1 – 40…for firstdraft gallery, sydney and dream merchant for the blacktown arts centre (2008–2009), mosman art gallery (2015) and broken hill regional gallery (2016); in 2007 she exhibited in the solo exhibition walking to work, series III, brunswick street for qcp, brisbane; in 2006: +plusfactors at the australian centre for contemporary art (acca); our investment at the queensland centre for photography and contributed to a mail art project for artetica and unicef in rome and cesena, italy. in 2008–2009 she was artist in residence at the obras art foundation, evoramonte, portugal. lawson is currently researching code, mobilities and tourism as a site for terrorism.